Bonnie Doon Optometry


COntact Lens Exams & Fittings

Properly-fitting prescription lenses can now offer you the visual correction of glasses with immeasurably improved comfort. 

Many of us hesitate when it comes to contact lenses, and it’s often for the same reason: a (completely understandable) reluctance to poke our own eyes. After a few days this will feel like second nature, and if you think about it, 20 seconds in the morning is a whole lot less trouble than your glasses cause most of the time!

Don’t believe us? We have just one question: how many times have you cleaned your glasses today?

Modern contact lenses can correct virtually all refractive errors and suit the lifestyles of the majority of Canadian kids and adults.

Our Contact Lens Exam is Comprehensive & Comfortable

It’s important to know that contact lenses are not suitable for everyone. Certain problems with eye health can make you an invalid candidate for their use, so it’s imperative we perform a thorough examination to assess your overall eye health, as well as visual acuity.

Once we have your prescription, we’ll train you in inserting and removing the lenses; it won’t be long before you’re an expert! Finally we’ll send you off with a pair of trial lenses: see how they feel, and report back to us at your next appointment. Within 2-3 trials you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the perfect lenses for your eyes.